Why the Steiff Queen Elizabeth Disappeared Fast


You might be wondering what the whole world was thinking when collectors from all around the globe snatched up most if not all available Steiff Queen Elizabeth bears in a heartbeat. They pretty much sold like pancakes! What about it?

In the world of toys, the brand Steiff reigns supreme. It pioneered the design of teddy bears a century ago and since then the toy has become a worldwide hit with other companies even releasing their own takes on the design.

But apart from Steiff pioneering the teddy bear industry, it is also widely popular for its vintage pieces that managed to survive the past decades bringing with it lots of history. Likewise, the brand releases special and limited edition models most of which are collaborations with other brands or companies and commemoration designs such as that of the black mourning bear released during the tragic Titanic incident.

The Steiff Queen Elizabeth is likewise a special piece manufactured as a tribute for the said British monarch. The year 2015 marked Her Royal Majesty’s milestone of becoming the world’s longest reigning monarch after surpassing the 63 year, 7 month and 2 day record set by the late Queen Victoria.

The company made sure to design a piece as regal as can be. With only a number of bears manufactured, it is considered to be among the brand’s limited edition releases thereby it comes with the trademark button in ear but in gold plating and the red and white fabric tag that accompanies all limited edition releases.

Among its many special features include its regality. Made with none other than luxurious white Schulte mohair, one of nature’s most prized natural fabrics, the bear is velvety soft and smooth to the touch. Its high luster fur makes it quite the toy it is. Plus, mohair is known to be very durable. It doesn’t shed off easily even when pulled. It clocks at thirty centimeters in height and has brown eyes and a black snout.

Moreover, it is dressed in a majestic deep blue coronation robe and a matching crown on top of its head. The Steiff Queen Elizabeth is also a special musical bear. Right off of its chest, it plays the national anthem entitled “God Save the Queen”. On one of its bottom paws, a golden embroidery of a musical staff can be found which further stamps such feature.

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