Why Stuffed Animals Win at Gifting

It’s always gift giving season. It doesn’t have to be Christmas because the truth of the matter is that celebrations happen all year round from birthdays to anniversaries to graduations to job promotions and the list goes on. Also, we need not wait for a season to give someone a present. But what would be a perfect pick? Stuffed animals that’s what and we’re here to tell you why it wins at gifting.Stuffed-Animals

  • It knows no age.

Stuffed animals suit just about anyone regardless of age. They’re high on the ranks when it comes to presents given for babies, toddlers and kids. For the kids at heart? They’re popular too and we don’t just mean teenagers. This includes yuppies, the middle-age group and even beyond that. These toys are timeless.

  • Not even gender.

Teddy bears are just one of the many available stuffed animals in the toy market. They’re a favorite among boys and girls alike. It’s not an item that can be classified into a certain market because its charm is versatile.

  • It’s affordable.

We need not shell an entire month’s worth of salary to get someone one or two stuffed animals as a gift. They’re one of the more affordable gifting items out there and even so, this does not diminish their appeal. Additionally, they’re easy to find both online and offline.

  • But it can be luxurious too.

Now what about people who want more than just your average toy? There are a number of luxurious stuffed animals. We say that because these pieces are unique in the sense that they are rare collectibles either as a limited edition model or a vintage find. They certainly do not come cheap but they’re a good option for those who want to spend more or are into collecting.

  • It’s a cuddly bestie.

Stuffed animals are the best for hugging. Sure humans are pets rank high on the list too but that’s a case for another day. These toys make for the perfect friends both for children and adults. Besides, majority if not a lot of us have had them as best friends when we were younger. They’re the perfect company for play dates, for when we scrape our knees, for when we feel bad or when we just want to cozy up, for when we want to reminisce and so on and so forth.


Stuffed Animals and How to Wash Them

stuffed toy cleaningStuffed animals are no doubt cute and cuddly. But over time and as they get played with, these toys are bound to get dirty too. Dust, oils, food stains and the like will not only make them look old and dirty but they too can hasten their wear and tear. Of course, we don’t want that. So to help everyone with this dilemma, we give you a little run down on how to clean and wash these babies. Take a look!

1.    Examine – Assess the level that you’d have to work with. Is this process just about washing off dirt? Will there be a need for repairs? How about bugs? You need to know what you’re dealing with.
2.    Read – Most toys come with a tag. It’s usually a fabric one attached and sewn into the hemline that bears the manufacturer’s logo alongside care instructions and materials used in production. Be sure to take a look at this. It will give you an idea as to the thigns that must be and cannot be done to the toy.
3.    Freeze – For stuffed animals that have a bug infestation, they must be sealed inside a plastic bag and placed in the freezer for a day or two. This shall help kill the bugs and eggs.
4.    De-stuff – After two days, carefully undo a small portion of the hem and remove the old stuffing alongside the insects and bugs. Make sure to put those in another sealed bag and throw them away.
5.    Wash – Prepare lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Say no to bleach and any form of heat as these can erode certain parts of the toy and dull its color. This can be done by hand using a soft bristled brush or by machine. With the latter, place the toy inside a mesh bag or pillow case first for extra protection.
6.    Rinse – Again, make sure to use lukewarm water. Rinse repeatedly until soap is completely removed.
7.    Dry – Let the stuffed animals sit on a slightly inclined surface for a while to let excess water drip. A machine dryer would make this job easier. But you can also air dry these toys or use a handheld dryer. Just make sure that it is not exposed to the sun or uses the warm setting of your dryer.

8.    Stuff – Once dry, you can now put a new set of stuffing into your stuffed animals and sew the opened hem back up. Voila, good as new!

How to Take Care of Your Stuffed Animals

stuffed animalsSteiff stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come from decades of old with a few bearing more years than our grandparents. These toys have become quite an international favorite then and now. With their impeccable designs, undeniable allure and timeless charm, they are certainly not leaving everyone’s shelves, desks, beds and playpens.

Young and old alike, we all have these cuddly wonders either for play or for display. They’re toys for the kids and collectible pieces for the kid at heart. Regardless, it is a Steiff owner’s responsibility to ensure that the said bears are well taken cared for. Even with their impeccable durability, their longevity will still depend on how well they are maintained and love so today we’ve decided to dish out some pro pointers on how to take care of Steiff stuffed animals.

  • Provide for proper and adequate storage. – This is not only for sanitary purposes but also to keep the toys away from certain risks such as having pets chew on them. At the same time, this will ensure that they won’t act as a safety hazard considering that when stepped on, they are likely to cause one to slip. Cabinets, floating shelves, dresser tops, toy chests and cabinet drawers would do well.
  • Perform regular inspections. – Get those eyeballs rolling and go check up on those teddy bears on the regular. It won’t hurt to examine them at least on a monthly basis to see if they would need any cleaning or repair. The earlier you detect them the earlier you provide for the needed fix.
  • Know their needs. – Now we don’t mean this like we would if we’re talking about a pet but even teddy bears have their needs, food excluded. Because Steiff toys are manufactured using different materials, it is important to be wary of what these materials are to provide the right care for the items. Check their tags or look it up on the internet.
  • Wash and repair as needed. – When washing your Steiff studded animals, see to it that you use very mild soap and zero bleach. Water should be lukewarm. Use soft-bristled brush, sponge or cloth. When drying, use the cool setting on your machine or handheld blower and never dry them out in the sun. Heat is likely to fade out colors. When a damage is detected, repair it immediately or bring it to a repair shop if you need assistance.

More on stuffed animals here http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk.