Collectible Steiff Bear: The Causes of Wear and Tear

steiff-bear-classicWear and tear is one of the world’s biggest villains. A lot of the things we own and have will eventually deplete or depreciate as time goes by and the more we use them. Collectible Steiff bear is no different. Of course, there are ways to slow the process down called care and maintenance.

But what’s rarely discussed is the list of factors that hasten the wear and tear of these toys. If you’re interested to know what they are then you better read up.

  • Humidity

If too much humidity can feel unsettling and awful for humans, it can be too even for inanimate objects but for a different reason. With humidity comes moisture. With these present, the teddy bears are at a risk of mold and fungi growth. This not only creates discoloration but will eventually rot the toys causing their early demise.

  • Disorder

Ever heard of organization and storage? The lack of it and/or improper utilization will also spell trouble for our cuddly friends. Why so? Without a proper storage system, they become prone to more dirt, to insects and to the unfriendly hands of pets and kids. Remember that these items aren’t essentially for play.

  • Pets

As mentioned, pets are a threat. Just because those collectible teddy bears look cute and cost a lot does not mean they’d be willing to spare them. Cats and dogs may see them as chew toys and we wouldn’t want that.

  • Children

Although teddy bears are essentially toys, collectibles aren’t made for this. They can be a little more delicate. Plus, many of them cost considerably a lot. Give those kids better toys to play with. These ones won’t bid well with play time and playground games.

  • Dirt

They make the toys look horrid and they can even come with a smell. Dirt is a major blunder which is why regular cleaning is a must. Things like dust can accumulate over time and cannot be completely avoided while other factors like food spills can be.

  • Insects

Last but not the least, keep those collectible Steiff bears away from bugs! They’d love to bite into its fur and penetrate the stuffing. Truth be told, insects love to make a good home in just about any stuffed toy. They’re very hard to get rid off and will most likely send those collectibles to toy heaven stat.