5 Things a Smart Shopper Does When They Buy Teddy Bears Online

smart shopperIn this world, we’re all shoppers. Unfortunately, not everyone is a smart shopper and that could take its toll especially when it comes to one’s wallet. Unwise choices and purchases are in essence a waste and a loss. But what separates a smart buyer from someone who’s not isn’t complicated. If anything, the differences are simple. So simple in fact that it can shock anyone. So what exactly does a smart shopper do when they buy teddy bears online?

Number 1: They research.

As simple as it might sound but yes they do their homework. Shopping for toys or pretty much anything online requires a lot of research especially when it comes to running a quality check on the shop and its products. Since you can’t see and touch the items, at least not yet, you’ll have to rely heavily on research.

Number 2: They observe.

A good shop has a great website. It’s just how the industry works. It’s part of customer service. This means that a smart shopper should look around the site and observe if anything looks and feels amiss. Is there a privacy policy? Are the terms and conditions reasonable and sensible? Are the procedures clear or are they vague?

Number 3: They listen.

Smart shoppers also listen to other customers. They make it a point to look up and read reviews, feedbacks and testimonials about shops and products they wish to buy from. They also know which blogs, forums and websites are trustworthy and which aren’t. They do a lot of listening but they’re also cautious and take them with a grain of salt.

Number 4: They understand.

Before a wise buyer shops for teddy bears online, they make sure to carefully read through and understand the process, policies and products of the online store. They will first understand the procedures, the FAQs page details, the shipping terms, the return policy and pretty much the entire process including their rights and responsibilities as a customer.

Number 5: They compare.

Lastly before a smart shopper will buy teddy bears online, they will first compare it with a physical store near them and with other online sellers. They will canvass and they will compute if buying from this certain shop will be most the most convenient and efficient option for them. They know that value may come with a price but it has to be reasonable and it still has to be efficient.

Why the Steiff Queen Elizabeth Disappeared Fast


You might be wondering what the whole world was thinking when collectors from all around the globe snatched up most if not all available Steiff Queen Elizabeth bears in a heartbeat. They pretty much sold like pancakes! What about it?

In the world of toys, the brand Steiff reigns supreme. It pioneered the design of teddy bears a century ago and since then the toy has become a worldwide hit with other companies even releasing their own takes on the design.

But apart from Steiff pioneering the teddy bear industry, it is also widely popular for its vintage pieces that managed to survive the past decades bringing with it lots of history. Likewise, the brand releases special and limited edition models most of which are collaborations with other brands or companies and commemoration designs such as that of the black mourning bear released during the tragic Titanic incident.

The Steiff Queen Elizabeth is likewise a special piece manufactured as a tribute for the said British monarch. The year 2015 marked Her Royal Majesty’s milestone of becoming the world’s longest reigning monarch after surpassing the 63 year, 7 month and 2 day record set by the late Queen Victoria.

The company made sure to design a piece as regal as can be. With only a number of bears manufactured, it is considered to be among the brand’s limited edition releases thereby it comes with the trademark button in ear but in gold plating and the red and white fabric tag that accompanies all limited edition releases.

Among its many special features include its regality. Made with none other than luxurious white Schulte mohair, one of nature’s most prized natural fabrics, the bear is velvety soft and smooth to the touch. Its high luster fur makes it quite the toy it is. Plus, mohair is known to be very durable. It doesn’t shed off easily even when pulled. It clocks at thirty centimeters in height and has brown eyes and a black snout.

Moreover, it is dressed in a majestic deep blue coronation robe and a matching crown on top of its head. The Steiff Queen Elizabeth is also a special musical bear. Right off of its chest, it plays the national anthem entitled “God Save the Queen”. On one of its bottom paws, a golden embroidery of a musical staff can be found which further stamps such feature.

How to Shop for Collectible Teddy Bears in Antique Shops and Flea Markets

steiff-vintageMany people think that the only way to score vintage collectible bears is to battle it out in auctions or head for the nearest specialty shops. You’ll be surprised to know that you can actually score some pieces in the unlikeliest of places such as antique stores and flea markets. Before you sway your head from left to right and vice versa, hear us out first.

You see, many people aren’t aware of the items hiding in their basements so when it’s time to give them away or sell them at a yard sale they don’t put much thought and attention to it. This is how a huge number of collectible items end up in antique shops and flea markets and this is also the reason why you should never discount these places while searching. If you really are a collector by passion then you’ll check them out.

But how exactly do you buy collectible teddy bears in these places? We have a few tips.

  • Keep an open mind. – These venues keep the most random of treasures so you’re never really sure of what you’ll find. Similar to thrift shopping, make sure that you always have with you an open mind and a good eye (or two) when scouring for pieces to add to your arsenal.
  • Be vigilant. – Although there are shops or sellers that greatly curate their items, it’s still a good practice for you to stay watchful and actually inspect the toys prior to your purchase. You’ll have to acknowledge their condition as well as validate their authenticity using your skills and knowledge which brings us to the next item on this list.
  • Come prepared. – You’ll need at least the basics when it comes to the knowledge about collectible teddy bears and how to differentiate fakes or replicas from the real deal. It would be wise to bring with you a smart phone or anything else that can help you make a quick research should you need it.
  • Set a limit. – As is with any other shopping escapade, budget is of huge importance. You won’t want to go over what you can afford. That’s not smart at all so set a spending limit and stick to it. Collectible teddy bears are priced differently and depending on the combination of various factors like rarity, age and condition.

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Buy Teddy Bears Online the Right Way

buy teddy bears onlineYes, you’ve read that right. You can buy teddy bears online. After all, what can we not shop via the internet these days? Technology has raised things a notch higher and has elevated the bar for convenience in terms of shopping. But then again, even with its benefits and perks, one must still remember to apply their smart shopping practices to make the most out of it. Care to discover tips? If you do then read on.

  • Research about the toy. What type of teddy bear are you after? How about its manufacturer? Make sure that you know perfectly well what you are after because the internet can be pretty overwhelming. Its ten times more than your usual department store because options are virtually endless. Stop and think and define what you seek first.
  • Perform a background check on the shop. It would be silly not to. You have to make sure that they are not only legit but the quality of their products and services make every penny spent worth it.
  • Take a look at feedbacks. The best way to assess whether an online shop is great is by checking customer feedback, reviews and testimonials. Some of these may already be found on the site but it would also be best to check forums and blogs.
  • Scrutinize the smallest of details. Where do they hold office? What brands do they carry? How long have they been in business? These things may seem trivial at first but they will surely help you assess if the seller you will be transacting with is the one.
  • Read the privacy policy. This pertains to company’s statement on their use, security and storage of the confidential information exchanged within the site such as names, shipping addresses, credit card numbers, contact details and the like.
  • Understand terms and conditions. Before hitting the check out button, make sure that you fully understand the rules and policies that the site upholds because you wouldn’t want to end up realizing that your expectations won’t be served.
  • Assess shipping arrangements. How long will it take to have your toy delivered? How far will they come from? These are important not only for scheduling purposes but also in order to assess any customs and duties that might come with the purchase, if any.
  • Weigh the fairness of return policies. If the item sent is damaged or the wrong one, you’ll want to return it so be sure that you’ve carefully read the return policy attributed to it so you can decide not to transact if you deem them unfair in the first place.

Now, are you ready to buy teddy bears online? Visit http://www.steiffteddybears.co.uk. Happy shopping!