How Office Movers Can Keep You Out of Trouble

moving-officeYou’ve probably heard this time and again. Business relocation means opportunity. Oftentimes, a move is called upon by the need for a bigger space. In some cases an added one. These are carried on to reach and meet the rising demand of the market. As your entity grows so is the need for bigger operations, more people and essentially area to work in. That being said equates to sales and profits. Now, is a move easy? It certainly isn’t but no one said that it’s impossible too. It is completely doable and there are ways to ensure that it is done as efficiently, effectively, smoothly and timely as possible. All that and more can be accomplished with the help of office movers.

You might think that you can wing it on your own. Besides, you’ve got employees to help you do the packing and you can basically rent vans for the transport. That is true and you can opt to do that but then again having the pros with you can be beneficial to a great extent too. How? Here are some reasons why office movers can keep you out of relocation trouble.

They know things that you don’t. They have experience and training up their sleeves. They aren’t called professional movers for no reason. Having been trained to perform office relocating tasks and years of experience to back that up, they surely know how to handle the planning, packing, moving, loading, transporting and unpacking of your corporate assets. You and your employees surely don’t know the tricks of this trade unless you are a removal firm yourself.

They let you do your thing. When your company is relocating, certain parts of operation may need to be minimized or even put on hold. When you let your own employees do the relocation themselves that would mean that they have to forego or reduce their time for their main duties and responsibilities. That would decrease productivity and you don’t want that. If you have movers then your employees wouldn’t have to forego their main tasks.

They come with insurance. Most office movers have insurance built into the contract. Should any of your furniture, equipment, electronics, files and documents be lost or damaged, such are to be covered and reimbursable by them. Of course you’d prefer zero casualties but if you think about it, the quality of the insurance offered speaks a lot about the quality and confidence of the movers with their services.

Amber Moves: Creating More Space with Lesser Boxes

MovingBoxesOne of the challenges in home relocation would have to be about packing. Oh yes, that much dreaded chore will never go away. It will stick like bubblegum and we can never shrug it off unless you’re moving with all plans of buying all of your stuff new and leaving whatever you have at the present. That is never the case so we’d all have to settle with the packing. Now, one has to admit that you will be flooded with loads of boxes to contain all your possessions. It can be quite expensive if you don’t know how to score great deals and freebies. At the same time, having too many of them can be a challenge when transporting and physically moving them to the new place. You will have to either make several rounds or hire more vehicles. So how then can we all save up in boxes and space? The expert team from Amber Moves have some tricks to help us all out.

  • Remove your shoes from their boxes. – What you can do is wrap them in packing paper to avoid soiling other items and then put them in a bigger carton altogether. You might also want to place them directly opposite each other and not side by side. This takes away the bulkiness to it and allows for more space to work with.
  • Use linens to protect your plates. – Instead of using paper to protect your plates, use linens and towels instead. We all know how important it is to keep each dinnerware from rubbing against each other and breaking in the process. The use of linens and towels works well and it will also save you from getting a new set of boxes to contain them. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Grab your shirts and sweaters for stuffing. – Instead of buying Styrofoam inserts or using more of your packing paper and bubble wrap, make use of your rolled up shirts and sweaters instead to stuff and fill the gap within your boxes. Just like with the linen tip above, this will take away the need to use another carton to pack your shirts and towels with. At the same time it saves you from stuffing supplies too.

Did you find the above tricks from Amber Moves useful? Happy packing and good luck with your move!

Things to Take Note of Before the Actual Moving Date

moving checklistAre you about to move and relocate or at least planning to? If yes, then you might want to read through the following list from Amber Moves and see if you’ve already accomplished the said tasks ahead of time. Remember that relocation does not happen overnight and you need to accomplish a number of chores before the actual moving day.

Create a schedule. This will aid you keep track of the things you ought to do and prevent any mishaps and missed chores. Get a calendar or planner and start jotting down what has to be done on certain dates, who does it and when the target completion is. Think of it as a guide. You have to do this ahead because you can’t call it a plan if you think of it the moment you do it or worse after.

Pack weeks to months ahead. The earlier you do so the better. This way you avoid any last minute boxing up and cramming that always tend to end up awfully. It prevents any left behind belongings and hastily packed items which could result to damages.

Change up your utilities. Make sure that water, electricity, internet connection and the like are already up and running at the new place before you move in. At the same time have the ones at your old home cut unless you will still be using it as you don’t want to pay for bills of utilities that you do not anymore own and use. Also check if switching utility providers is necessary or if sticking to your old one would be best.

Update your mailing address. You do not want any of your bills, subscriptions, packages and mails lost or worse ending up in the wrong hands. To do away with that be sure that you update your mail and postal address.

Say goodbye to old stuff. You will have items that you do not want, use or need anymore. Avoid bringing clutter with you. The best thing you can do is to give it away to friends or neighbors, sell it off through a garage sale or online sites or donate them to a charitable organization.

Get to know and familiarize your new town. You need not only make friends with your new neighbors but you also have to acquaint yourself with the roads and highways to your new place. At the same time familiarizing yourself with the location of your key establishments will make moving around much easier.

Eat up your grocery. Amber Moves also advise families to avoid stocking your pantry a week before the relocation date. The lesser you have left then the lighter things will be. Do your grocery afterwards once you have moved in.

Home Removal Company Tips for Organizing a Move

No one has ever said that relocation are easy. That’s quite true but at the same time they’re not impossible either. Challenging? Yes, but totally doable. Also, making one as organized and as systematic as possible is essential in the sense that things go more smoothly and therefore, less stress, losses and damages are incurred. Who doesn’t want that in the first place? So how do you make your move organized and easy flowing? Below is a list of home removal tips to turn that frown upside down. Read on.

home removal moving tipsGet everyone to work and strategize. Unless you are living alone then you can forego with this but otherwise, this is essential in every move. Teamwork is necessary not only to gather the best ideas and opinions but also to foster communication. It’s easier to work that way.

Talk to your movers. If you are hiring professional movers, you will be all the more assured of lesser stress but it will also make it better if you communicate with them properly and actually involve yourself with the planning process.

Create a packing schedule. Plot dates and times on a calendar as to which room you will start to pack. This makes it easier as focus will be built. Plus, you will have a guide in ensuring that nobody slacks around and loses track.

Labels will always come in handy. All boxes and containers should have labels. This would be a short description of the contents, maybe a two to four word phrase. Add in the room to which the contents belong to and a control number so you will know exactly how many boxes you will be transporting.

Remember to always make an inventory. This is what those labels are for. Apart from determining the contents of the cartons, these will also be used to make an inventory of your items. This keeps track of everything thereby making sure that nothing is lost or left behind.

The earlier you start the better. Another home removal company trick is always about time. If you begin the whole process at the last minute then things will surely go haywire. Some items will be improperly packed, others misplaced while stress looms over everyone’s heads. The time pressure can add an extra burden to everyone. The earlier you begin with planning and packing then the more organized things will be.

How to Determine a Rogue London Removal Company

Finding a London removal company is essential to relocation not only for businesses but also to families and residences. We all know that they take the stress and put in the fun in moving. It may be hard to believe but they do. Why do you think people will hire them in the first place if they don’t, right? However one cannot put aside the fact that there are rogue London removal companies out there. Get them and you’re bound to earn yourself a truckload of stress and regret. How do you avoid them then? Knowledge is a powerful thing and if you know how to spot one then you can very well avoid hiring them.

removal companiesSIGN # 1: UNMARKED VEHICLES – Reputable companies either big or small will always have their own moving trucks, vans and vehicles. All of these are marked and labeled too to specify the company’s logo and name. If this is absent then there is a big chance that these are merely rented. Remember that movers have their own equipment. They do not borrow.

SIGN # 2: LACK OF IDENTIFICATION – If their staff cannot provide you with a proper identification card then by all means do not let them inside the house. The ID should also be that issued by the moving company from whom they work for.

SIGN # 3: NO SPECIFIC UNIFORMS – They should also have their uniforms. These are a sign of not only a legit business but an established and standardized one as well.

SIGN # 4: ABSENCE OF LICENSE AND CERTIFICATION – Always check if they are licensed to operate and whether or not they are part of the NGRS which stand for the National Guild for Removers and Storers, a professional regulatory body in London concerned with the moving industry.

SIGN # 5: NO VALID PHYSICAL ADDRESS – They should have an office somewhere and not merely an online presence. If it is within driving distance then try to stop by to confirm or use online satellite applications like Google map for example.

SIGN # 6: CONFUSING CONTRACTS AND BILL OF LADING – They should in no way confuse you with their terms, agreements and the clauses of the service contract. They should also willingly and exceptionally make you understand about the whole process from top to bottom and how charges apply.

SIGN # 7: POOR AND BAD REVIEWS – Lastly, a rogue London removal company is bound to have poor reviews. Make sure that you do your research well.

Key Signs of a Good and Quality Service Home Removal Company

A quality service home removal company can do wonders for your residential relocation. They are expert professionals in the moving industry and of course what else would you expect from them? You would suppose for service that will help take out the stress in moving as well as aid in efficiency and timeliness of the entire process. Now, what are the key signs or characteristics to watch out for to ensure that you hire the right team? Read on below.

home removals# 1: TRAINED AND EDUCATED PERSONNEL – Just because someone has those herculean biceps and can carry hefty weights doesn’t mean that they are excellent movers. Although strength is a necessity it isn’t the sole characteristics of a quality removal company. The personnel should have been given proper and ample training and education when it comes to the entire moving process especially with regard to disassembling and packing certain items. Additionally, there are certain belongings that are to be handled specially such as oil paintings, pianos and antique pieces.

# 2: APPROPRIATE LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS – Not everyone can put up a moving company just because they wish to. There are licenses and certifications to be considered and acquired. In the United Kingdom for example, part from a permit to operate the moving company must also be a member of the NGRS which stands for the National Guild of Removers and Storers. This professional regulatory body ensures quality in the moving industry.

# 3: ORGANIZED AND SYSTEMATIC PROCEDURES – Of course, all their processes must be systematic. There has to be a set of standards, rules and procedures set and followed. You want a stress free relocation and if the removal firm isn’t organized on their own then you might be bound to chaos and mayhem not to mention lost or damaged belongings.

# 4: PROPER TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – Certain items have to be disassembled before packing and so the presence of the appropriate tools and equipment are necessary. Apart from this your service provider must also have the correct packing supplies, trolleys, moving vehicles and the like.

# 5: EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – This is actually one of the first few things that you would be able to determine about your home removal company. How well do they respond to your calls, emails or inquiries? Do they make you understand the services well? Are they professional and approachable at the same time?


Amber Moves: How to Prepare, Pack and Move Your Big Appliances

When moving is involved this question always comes to mind. “How do I pack and move my big appliances?” true enough those big, bulky and heavy items can come as a challenge. Not only are they hard to carry around, they too often come with big values and damaging them would be a serious blow to the wallet. To help us with this dilemma, Amber Moves has the following pointers on how to prepare, pack and move your big appliances. Read up and learn a handful of them.

  1. moving appliances londonUSE THE RIGHT PACKING SUPPLIES – As is with every relocation packing tutorial, using the right packing supplies is step one. You cannot expect to move your items safely and intact if you use those that easily break and fall apart. Get the right boxes. If the cartons that your appliances originally came with are still intact then use those as they have been custom fit for the item. If you need a special box for certain fragile items like a flat screen TV then you can head over to a specialty shop to have one done.
  2. PROTECT AND PAD THEM UP – Likewise, be sure to purchase bubble wraps and Styrofoam inserts. Paper will do but for extra fragile electronics and appliances, those two protect better as they absorb shocks best and are less likely to give away or get crushed as easily.
  3. KNOW HOW TO CARRY THEM AROUND – Certain appliances are not built to have their weight easily distributed. A top part can be light on top but heavy down bottom. Read their package manuals or research one up over at the internet. There is a reason why manufacturers include an instructional manual.
  4. BE SURE TO CLEAN BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE – It is advised that you clean you big appliances (in fact all of your stuff) before packing them all up. This is especially true for kitchen appliances as they will need at least a day of being food or liquid free before they are moved.
  5. KNOW HOW TO STASH THEM INSDIE THE VAN – There are items that cannot be put on top of another. There are those that cannot be stacked for more than three levels. Others are even too heavy that they potentially crush those beneath or beside them. Be sure to plan how they will be arranged in the moving vehicle.

When all else fails, Amber Moves suggest that you ask your trusted movers for some professional help.

Removal Company Tutorial on Moving and Packing Your Closet

Kitchen? Check! Living room? Check! Garage? Check! Bedroom? Hmmm not quite. Your closet and cabinet drawers are still staring wide at you. Somehow after all the packing and whatnot, you have gotten too overwhelmed with the ton of things to do and to pack. Doing your bedroom can be quite a herculean task but there is always a workaround for stuff like this. All we need to do is to tap on the shoulder of our friendly movers for some professional advice. Luckily, we have been given quite a handful of them. Read on below for the removal company tutorial on how to move and pack your closet.

Do not be afraid to sell out, leave or give away your stuff. Surely you have clothes that you have outgrown, items that do not fit your taste anymore or those that you simply do not need any longer. Packing is also an opportunity to segregate stuf you need and want from those that you don’t.

Unless you are an organized individual then you could skip this step otherwise be sure to sort and categorize all your stuff. Socks should go with socks. Pants should go with pants. Bags should go with bags and so on and so forth. This will ultimately make the packing easier.

For coats, dresses, gowns, suits and other fancy clothing items, make use of garment bags to add a layer of protection. Additionally, keep them hanged using wardrobe boxes.

Do not use very large boxes as the accumulated weight of your closet items can be too heavy to carry. Make use of medium sized ones instead.

Use markers, masking tapes, stickers or whatever you prefer to label your boxes. You do not want things mixed up. Place a short phrase to describe the contents and the room to which they belong.

To avoid any dirt from spreading and reduce the bulk from shoe cartons, wrap your shoes in packing paper or plastic instead then place them in one box.

Items like earrings, jewelry, rings, necklaces, hair ties, clips, ribbons and other small items should be kept inside Ziploc bags to avoid them from getting lost.

luggage packingMAKE USE OF YOUR LUGGAGE.
Pack stuff inside your luggage too. This not only saves on boxes and truck space but will also lessen the items you need to carry and move to and fro.

Be sure to have a separate small box to contain all your necessities such as a pair of underwear, some socks and toiletries for a few days. You will not be able to unpack right away do this will come in handy.

See to it that you shut all those carton flaps securely with tape and/or glue. You do not want them dangling or breaking up in the middle of the moving.

Hopefully this removal company tutorial on closet packing was useful to you. Happy moving!

How to Hire a Home Removal Company

When it’s time to pack your bags and move on to a new place with new adventures waiting ahead of you, sometimes you need an extra pair of hands or even a couple more to help you relocate. You would notice that more and more individuals and families hire a home removal company to relieve them of the stress that comes with moving. True enough, these professionals can get the workload off of your shoulders but you first have to find the right ones in order to achieve an easy breezy transfer. Here’s how:

1. home removal companyHOW FAR AWAY ARE YOU TRANSFERRING?

You first have to establish exactly how far your new place is. Is it just around the block, in another town, into the metro or abroad? This is important as there are removal companies who only cater to local services, others solely for international while there too are those that offer both.


Now it’s time to do your search. Do not limit it by merely flipping through your local phone directory or clicking the first link that appears on top of your search list. You have to scour both your directory and search a couple of pages over the internet. It is also best to ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors and colleagues who have had any similar experience.


Also take into consideration their websites and social media platforms. You can see and read tons of reviews and feedback from here. It will also give you an idea on how well they reach out and treat their customers. You can also learn a lot from these such as service offerings and customer testimonials. This will be helpful in your decision. After which it’s time to make a short list.


It is also a good thing to make a research on their key employees or founders. Who is managing the business? How did they come to be? This will also give you an insight. Besides, a company’s quality can be seen through its leaders and managers. They represent the firm.


To give their customer service a quick test, try giving them a ring. Where you received well? Was the person on the other end polite and patient when answering all your questions? If the home removal company is true to its word of quality service, it will reflect in tasks as simple as a customer call.