Buy Teddy Bears Online the Right Way

buy teddy bears onlineYes, you’ve read that right. You can buy teddy bears online. After all, what can we not shop via the internet these days? Technology has raised things a notch higher and has elevated the bar for convenience in terms of shopping. But then again, even with its benefits and perks, one must still remember to apply their smart shopping practices to make the most out of it. Care to discover tips? If you do then read on.

  • Research about the toy. What type of teddy bear are you after? How about its manufacturer? Make sure that you know perfectly well what you are after because the internet can be pretty overwhelming. Its ten times more than your usual department store because options are virtually endless. Stop and think and define what you seek first.
  • Perform a background check on the shop. It would be silly not to. You have to make sure that they are not only legit but the quality of their products and services make every penny spent worth it.
  • Take a look at feedbacks. The best way to assess whether an online shop is great is by checking customer feedback, reviews and testimonials. Some of these may already be found on the site but it would also be best to check forums and blogs.
  • Scrutinize the smallest of details. Where do they hold office? What brands do they carry? How long have they been in business? These things may seem trivial at first but they will surely help you assess if the seller you will be transacting with is the one.
  • Read the privacy policy. This pertains to company’s statement on their use, security and storage of the confidential information exchanged within the site such as names, shipping addresses, credit card numbers, contact details and the like.
  • Understand terms and conditions. Before hitting the check out button, make sure that you fully understand the rules and policies that the site upholds because you wouldn’t want to end up realizing that your expectations won’t be served.
  • Assess shipping arrangements. How long will it take to have your toy delivered? How far will they come from? These are important not only for scheduling purposes but also in order to assess any customs and duties that might come with the purchase, if any.
  • Weigh the fairness of return policies. If the item sent is damaged or the wrong one, you’ll want to return it so be sure that you’ve carefully read the return policy attributed to it so you can decide not to transact if you deem them unfair in the first place.

Now, are you ready to buy teddy bears online? Visit Happy shopping!

How to Take Care of Your Stuffed Animals

stuffed animalsSteiff stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come from decades of old with a few bearing more years than our grandparents. These toys have become quite an international favorite then and now. With their impeccable designs, undeniable allure and timeless charm, they are certainly not leaving everyone’s shelves, desks, beds and playpens.

Young and old alike, we all have these cuddly wonders either for play or for display. They’re toys for the kids and collectible pieces for the kid at heart. Regardless, it is a Steiff owner’s responsibility to ensure that the said bears are well taken cared for. Even with their impeccable durability, their longevity will still depend on how well they are maintained and love so today we’ve decided to dish out some pro pointers on how to take care of Steiff stuffed animals.

  • Provide for proper and adequate storage. – This is not only for sanitary purposes but also to keep the toys away from certain risks such as having pets chew on them. At the same time, this will ensure that they won’t act as a safety hazard considering that when stepped on, they are likely to cause one to slip. Cabinets, floating shelves, dresser tops, toy chests and cabinet drawers would do well.
  • Perform regular inspections. – Get those eyeballs rolling and go check up on those teddy bears on the regular. It won’t hurt to examine them at least on a monthly basis to see if they would need any cleaning or repair. The earlier you detect them the earlier you provide for the needed fix.
  • Know their needs. – Now we don’t mean this like we would if we’re talking about a pet but even teddy bears have their needs, food excluded. Because Steiff toys are manufactured using different materials, it is important to be wary of what these materials are to provide the right care for the items. Check their tags or look it up on the internet.
  • Wash and repair as needed. – When washing your Steiff studded animals, see to it that you use very mild soap and zero bleach. Water should be lukewarm. Use soft-bristled brush, sponge or cloth. When drying, use the cool setting on your machine or handheld blower and never dry them out in the sun. Heat is likely to fade out colors. When a damage is detected, repair it immediately or bring it to a repair shop if you need assistance.

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